Karina Pasian – "In Sync" [Oak/Chasity Nwagbara]

Here’s the final missing track from Karina’s “First Love” studio sessions with Warren ‘Oak’ Felder and Chasity Nwagbara, which also gave birth to the tracks “90s Baby” (which is the only track that made the album) and “Buck On The Dash”. As with “BOTD” I can see why “90s Baby” made the cut as the strongest track of the 3 but this has much the same laid-back feel as “BOTD” which I love. I like the “Kryptonite”-esque production with its jumping synths and drum pattern from Oak and Nwagbara’s as always girly arrangements and down-to-earth lyrics. I don’t understand why great tracks like this were cut when the album was only 11 tracks long in the end anyway!

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