Flo Rida – "Sugar" (Featuring Wynter Gordon)

I really don’t want to like this guy cos he’s so mainstream and I’m meant to be the cool cat who only likes underground/alternative artists but he gets me every single he releases! His records just bang when you’re in the club so I have to admit I’m a fan.

Besides his tracks’ undeniable catchiness he always has the most underground female talent on his records, our girl Kiley Dean did backgrounds on “Elevator”, newcomer Kesha Cebert did chorus vocals on “Right Round” and now singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon who us underground R&B lovers have known about for a while now from her failed single “Surveillance”, demos and her co-writing credit on DK’s hot “2 Of You”, hopefully gets her mainstream push on this, his latest single.
It seems this album around he’s resorted to sampling the catchy choruses from past hits for his own choruses, the last being Dead Or Alive’s “You Spin Me Right Round” and this time its Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”. But again he’s got me and me and the girls will probably be popping off to this at some point in the club!

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