Britney Spears – "If U Seek Amy" – Jake Nava – MQ Web Rip
Here’s one of my most massively anticipated music videos this year for Britney’s third single from the fantastic album that is “Circus”, her reunion with producer Max Martin “If U Seek Amy”. For such an awesome track, the Jake Nava-directed clip is everything I hoped it (and the video to “Circus”!) would be, with it not only successfully having some hot dance scenes/a hot routine but also playing on the controversy of the title (at the hilarious start and end news clip segments of the video) and having a story behind it. Nava chooses to take Amy as a sassy alter-ego of the character Britney plays in the video, who lives a completely different life in the eye of the media, with her preppy appearance, perfect-looking family and even baking the awaiting press outside a pie while all the sexual debauchery goes on behind her white suburban house’s closed doors! I’m so happy this video turned out as well as I hoped it would, as “Circus” was a little disappointing for me. One complaint though: those red Louboutin shoes should have got more air time, they’re fierce! 😛

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