Cassie – "Must Be Love" (Featuring Diddy) [Mario Winans]

Here’s some studio footage Puffy recently posted on his Twitter and YouTube accounts showing the mixing of Cassie’s new single “Must Be Love”, which will apparently be all over radio in the next few weeks, with its first play on Power 106 in LA, being debuted today. Puff describes the track as a “Bad Boy Classic” and I am a massive fan of it already seen as it was originally recorded (and rejected) for Day26’s fantastic debut. I can definitely hear that vintage 90s Bad Boy sound Puff seems to be getting at, with those old school rap -style jangling handbells, drums and that fantastic spanish guitar reminding me of when New Jack swing and its heavily rap-based sound was still affecting that of the charts. I can definitely imagine Puff & Chucky Thompson or one of the other Hitmen producing this back in the day and I always thought the Day26 version sounded like something off 112’s awesome sophomore album “Room 112”. Indeed the track is actually produced by Mario Winans, who is one of The Hitmen and had a few productions with Puffy on that album. I’m so glad he’s still utilizing these guys because they made some absolute magic in the 90s. [If you’re not a 90s Bad Boy fanatic like me, the Hitmen included: YoungLord, Mario Winans, Chucky Thompson, Yogi, Nashiem Myrick & Carlos Broady, Stevie J., Harve Pierre, Daven “Prestige” Vanderpool, Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, J-Dub, Buckwild and more recently Ryan Leslie & Grind Music: Sean C. & L.V.]

This has me really excited for Cassie’s project. After the sad failing of the Clutch/Danja banger “Official Girl” and its stunning Chris Robinson-directed video on the charts, I was worried Cassie, like Cheri Dennis, Donnie Klang and most of Bad Boy’s alumni , would simply be forgotten but seen as she’s apparently “fucking Diddy for tracks” I should have known better! Although the leaked tracks from the album have varied in quality and I’m not happy that the rubbish Tricky/Dream tracks are being considered when the talented Ryan Leslie, who created straight fire song after song on her debut, hasn’t even got a placement on the album (“Sometimes” was so long ago now, I doubt it will still be on the album) as far as I know, I’m a massive Cassie fan and just want her to get this album out! The music industries a bitch these days, ain’t nobody getting album’s out but hopefully like Ciara did with “Love, Sex & Magic” and Keri did with “Turnin’ Me On”, this single will be Cassie’s opportunity for success.

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