Keri Hilson – "Make Love" [Polow Da Don, Ester Dean], "Strange Angel" [Timbaland], "Get Your Money Up" [Polow Da Don] & "Turn My Swag On" (Dime Divas Remix)

Tom: I can’t believe they have Make Love on the album, and perhaps made it a single? It’s rather insignificant if you ask me.

On the other hand, completely unexpected we get another song from Keri & Tim’s first session [which also brought about Where Did He Go] just before the album, hope we’ll get a bunch of other stuff as well since they seem to be doing this album bizarro style, putting crap on there and leaving all the good stuff off…

I’m aware of the fact that the ghetto track leaked in full as well as some other track/remix…I just didn’t feel like doing anything with them though haha just like I don’t feel like putting all the leaked songs in the album post etc, I mean this thing should leak any day now…I haven’t even listened to the Money Up track at all, clip or full, it seems so uninteresting lol and after Luke confirmed exactly what I expected I just didn’t bother getting it lol…

Luke: I actually quite like “Make Love” you know, it has that sort of 80s sound that “Slow Dance” has, and it brings a new vibe to the album, can’t believe this is Timbo as well, just shows how diverse he is as a producer. Above is a random ass promotional clip that was recently released featuring a loved up Keri and Kanye candoodling to the track, I really don’t understand how this promotes the album in any way and Keri is wrong for doing that with ugly ass Kanye but hey, if it gets the album more promotion, I’m happy for her!

And wow, I never saw “Strange Angel” anywhere, you always bring us some exclusives Tom! I like this one too, I can definitely tell it was recorded at the same time as “Where Did He Go”, it has that indie guitar driven sound I guess they were going for with Keri at the time, but now they switched it up and gave her loads of ghetto-ass tracks! Fucking Polow! 😦

Yeah you’re right Tom, it is pretty much a mess, I haven’t even got up to Trina’s part yet ha ha I’ll give it a proper listen just for the record eventually, maybe it’ll grow on me…doubt it though, what a waste of a Keyshia Cole feature! And that Soulja Boy cover, still haven’t listened to that either, I guess it’ll pretty much be the same thing though, I’m surprised she didn’t put that ish on the album as well…

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