LeToya’s "Not Anymore" Video

This week sees the debut of LeToya’s video for her debut single from her forthcoming sophomore album, due in May, titled “Lady Love”. The video concept had me a little unsure at first seen as the hater in me wanted to say “Solange has already done the 60s theme for her own music and videos recently, copycat!”. However knowing it was directed by someone previously employed by someone as artistically credible as the boys of OutKast – Brian Barber (he’s done “Roses” for them, among others) and now seeing it in all its glory has definitely reassured me completely. The video is a fantastic spin on the track’s concept, detailing the failed relationship and subsequent mainstream success of LeToya as a 60s soul singer. It feels and looks truly vintage and the track’s theme definitely fits in with that of all those love/career stories of ‘Dream Girls’ and the Diana Ross/Berry Gordy real life events it was based on. LeToya also looks absolutely stunning I must add.

I have to also say after my initial reservations about the track, I am absolutely hooked on it, it now gets a few plays on my iPod every day! Ne-Yo really does have a penchant for writing fantastic songs, I’ve been a massive fan of him as a writer as opposed to him as an artist for a long time now. LeToya also has to be praised for bringing a life to the track with some of her gorgeous background vocals and her voice performing Ne-Yo’s arrangements rather than just leaving his background vocals in like a lot of artists do, makes some of them sound just beautiful.

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