Chris Cornell – Do Me Wrong [Timbaland & Jroc]

Tom: Amazon bonus track [along with Two Drink Mininum]. Hope we get some more of those 😀

Luke: WOO! Another one down, four more to go right? This definitely isn’t as good as anything on the album but its still a strong track.

I absolutely adore this album, it definitely lived up to all the hype Timbo and Chris surrounded it with. I LOVE the fact that there’s a dope writer on every track (Clutch, JF, Ryan Tedder, JT) the only thing that could have made this better is if Danja and Candice had a part in it. I wish they would have done Keri’s album like this, it seems like its gonna be so mismatched, hopefully when the full thing is out I’ll be proven wrong…

One more thing are the credits on the Chris post tentative Tom? For example John Mayer on “Two Drink Minimum” I saw on wiki but is it on a song registering site too? Also Clutch on Get Up with James Fauntleroy? I’d love that to be true cos its my favourite track on the album! The production sounds like something from Final Fantasy 7, which is always good for me! 😀

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