Electrik Red’s "So Good" Video

Here’s the latest video from The-Dream’s Radio Killa girl group “So Good”, because I knew it was directed by my girl Melina I had to check on it and I’m so glad I did because not only is the video banging but so is the track and the girl’s whole vibe – their look and their sound. I love the sound of this Tricky/Dream track with its 80s funk influence its really old school Prince-esque stuff.

To go along with the track’s bare to the bones funk sound and the girl’s stripped vocals, Melina makes an understated video with white backgrounds and contrasts with the girl’s gorgeous colourful outfits. I particularly love the part where the girl’s are splashed in different coloured paints. All in all this is a fantastic video and song and I will definitely be checking for these girl’s in future, I’m officially a fan!

Hopefully this track does well for them as its their third single/video and they’ve had little mainstream success as yet, their album is set to drop 21st April and I for one am anticipating what they bring in future tracks and videos.

Below I’ve posted their last two singles’ videos, another 80s-inspired jam produced by L.O.S./The-Dream and a hilarious Desperate Houswives-themed video: “Friend Lover” and their debut single featuring their boss The-Dream “Drink In My Cup” a dirty south inspired banger with an equally sexy, hot and grimy video. Both of these were directed by Marc Klasfeld and are fantastic so definitely check them out, I can’t believe I’ve slept on these girls, that one with the afro sounds exactly like my girl Kelis! (ironically Marc Klasfeld also directed her “Bossy” video)

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