The Pussycat Dolls – "Painted Windows" [Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Cristyle, Kalenna Harper, Osinachi Nwaneri] & "Hush Hush / I Will Survive"

Here are the last two of the four tracks that will appear on PCD’s re-release “Doll Domination 2.0”, along with “Top Of The World” and “Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)”.

I absolutely love “Painted Windows”, I’m always happy when Melody gets to ‘duet’ with Nicole on a track. Darkchild’s production is funky and there’s some really unique, quirky vocals if you listen closely to the background arrangements. I also like Melody’s little oriental intro, so random! I can’t wait to find out who wrote it after the continued debate me and Tom raise over whether “Elevator” is Lady GaGa or Cristyle, hopefully these credits won’t be as controversial! I’m surprised this wasn’t selected for the original album actually because it really fits in with the theme of tracks like “Takin’ Over The World” and title of “Doll Domination” but I guess for a modern album, the original tracklisting of 16 was more than enough, seen as albums these days only seem to have 10 tracks max on them…
As for “Hush Hush / I Will Survive” its pretty disappointing seen as its just “Hush Hush” with all the emotion of Ron Fair’s gorgeous strings on the original taken out of it by the upbeat musical sample they incorporate. I do love the little “I Will Survive” breakdown Nicole does and the subsequent high vocals, this girl’s voice is just gorgeous. Its aight I guess, and I like that they’ve done another modern mixed with old school “/” track like they did with “Hot Stuff / I Want You Back” (even though that was shit!) I was just expecting something a bit more different from the original… This also stays faithful to their original burlesque/showgirl stage act along with covering standards like “Sway” and “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”. I guess they want this to become some sort of gay anthem, like the Gloria Gaynor track has, damn these girls have every corner of society covered, no wonder they sell so much! 😀
I’m still hoping “Halo” gets a release seen as its one of the tracks that were selected to appear on “DD2.0”, fingers crossed Clutch stans! I have promised to personally assassinate Nicole if she doesn’t release it as a single and I really wouldn’t like to have to kill someone so talented and beautiful! 😛

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