Amar – "Show It Off" (Featuring Rebel) [Jim Beanz]

Here’s the first single from Amar’s forthcoming album of the same name, her debut on Sunset Entertainment, a record label/music group she shares membership to with massively talented writer/vocal producer/producer James “Jim Beanz” Washington. From its upbeat, electro Timbaland-inspired production, I’m guessing this is a Jim Beanz collabo. Even though on the Sunset site they only give Beanz credit for a track called “Masala” on the new album, these two always work together so its very likely this is him too. The track is pretty catchy, even though as always seen as I don’t speak Hindi I don’t know WTF she’s saying, Amar’s voice is hypnotic and beautiful and the R&B chorus from Sunset labelmates, the three-piece R&B boyband Rebel adds a bit of mainstream appeal to the track. According to her official website, the album will also feature an appearance (whether vocally or on production I don’t know) from Timbaland, whom she has previously lent her stellar vocals to on tracks like Jamie Foxx’s “Streetwalker”, Chris Cornell’s “Take Me Alive” and his own “Bombay”. She’s also recorded two tracks with him for his much anticipated album “Shock Value II”. Can’t wait!

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