Ciara – "G Is For Girl (A-Z)" [The Y’s – Justin Timberlake, James Fauntleroy & Rob Knox]

As Ciara’s album release date finally draws nearer thanks to the chart success of the funky retro banger “Love & Sex & Magic”, the final few tracks we haven’t had for nearly a year are leaking. This track had previously leaked in clip form as “I’m A G”. Its a decent track, yet I have to admit, as such a massive fan of the guys individually, I expected a lot better from The Y’s after the amazing tracks they’ve all done before… (JT – Madonna, JF – Brandy, Rob Knox – Walls Up/Do What U Do/Mannequin/Time Machine) Still a banger though, and I’m looking forward to finally having this long-awaited album in my possession!

Ciara also recently previewed these images from her album booklet via her twitter page:

These pictures present a much better image of the comic-book art style she was going for and are nowhere near as tacky as the cover, why couldn’t she have chosen something more like this for it?!

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