Spotlight: Ciara – "Fantasy Ride" Album Preview

It looks like “Echo”, which will be a Deluxe Edition bonus in the US, will thankfully be a placed track on the main UK version of the album. Also the initial cover that leaked looks like its going to be our main cover art here. I’ll definitely be purchasing the US Deluxe Edition though, as I prefer the cover art and that gets me an extra track, the banging “I’m On” on my CD!

Having heard previews of the last remaining tracks we hadn’t yet heard, I’m pretty impressed. “Like A Surgeon” as well as me initially loving the title, sounds like a banger and “Tell Me What Your Name Is” is a hot “Promise”-style ballad, much like the fantastic “Ciara To The Stage (Explode)” as opposed to a cheesy “Never Ever” ballad. Tracks like this and “Pucker Up” shouldn’t even be on the album when there’s awesome Clutch tracks like “Role Call” and “Rattla” waiting in the rafters. However, the tracklist is pretty strong otherwise and I’m glad she at least had the sense to remove ‘buzz single’ (my ass!) “Go Girl” from it.

Can’t wait to finally get this as a CD! May 5th people!

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