TwitterNews: Alexandra Burke/James Fauntleroy/Leona Lewis/Claude Kelly/Brandy/Soulshock & Karlin/Wynter Gordon/Keri Hilson

Here’s some recent updates from some of my favourite Twitterites:

Alexandra ‘@alexandramusic’ Burke has been in the studio with Stargate, Red One and James Fauntleroy. The Stargate track is possibly some form of collaboration with Beyonce, who she met at the time of recording.

– Speaking of James ‘@fauntleroy’ Fauntleroy, he let us in on his recent exploits with Puffy, Timbaland, The Y’s and Jay-Z (?) in the succint tweet:

fauntleroyProduction team w. @robknox_ys & justin timberlake/@iamdiddy & his AMAZING album/ROC work/TIMBALAND/+more. u wouldnt sleep either. (blessed)

Leona Lewis is said to have recorded material with Steve Morales, who produced one of my favourite Christina Aguilera tracks “Get Mine, Get Yours” and the dope Balewa Muhammad-penned Brooke Hogan track “Beautiful Transformation”.

Brandy ‘@4everBrandy’ is looking forward to working again with Claude Kelly soon. Here’s how their convo went:

@4everBrandy Brandy! its Claude! you already know this – but as a writer, you are my FAVORITE! cant wait to work soon!

@ClaudeKelly I cant wait to work with you.. we haven’t really got a chance to do our thing.. everyone loves camouflage.. you wrote that:)

@4everBrandy we are DEF gonna get it in. follow me so we can tweet about song ideas…imma brainstorm and run it by u, as it comes
@ClaudeKelly I am already following you sweets:)

Claude ‘@ClaudeKelly’ Kelly has been in the studio with his Britney “Shattered Glass”/”Circus” collaborators Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco again, possibly for tracks with Dr. Luke’s RCA-signed artist Kesha [Sebert]. (Flo Rida’s “Right Round”/Britney’s “Lace & Leather”) Here’s some pics he posted of him and Blanco/him and Kesha:

He’s also been in the studio recently with Leona [for her sophomore album] and Chrisette ‘@epiphanygirl’ Michele [for her May 5th sophomore album ‘Epiphany’] he also posted pics with these girls:

Soulshock ‘@SoulshockLA’ & Karlin ‘@Karlin1’ have been talking about the Backstreet Boys tracks they did with Claude Kelly, it appears they were all in the studio together at some point recently or at least Claude has heard the final outcome as he replies to Nick ‘@nick_carter’ Carter:

@nick_carter ahhh im only as good as the talent in the room. YOU killed it!

Wynter ‘@wyntermusic’ Gordon spoke on the constant leaking of her tracks to the net, saying:

In the studio making songs>>>stop leaking my shyt!!!!! really not funny)

– Finally, Keri ‘@MissKeriBaby’ Hilson has been to Germany, Austria and is now over here in the UK for promotion. As she’s meant to be releasing “Return The Favor” officially over here, I guess that’s what it’s for. She also talked about her new Yeezy’s (Kanye West designed sneakers) new haircut and cleared up rumors that its her singing “Promise In The Dark” and on R. Kelly’s “Number One”. Interestingly, she noted that the Kelly track was written/demoed by one ‘Dean’, a female, whether this is Esther Dean or someone else I don’t know…

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