TwitterNews: Cristyle/James Fauntleroy/Marcella Araica/Ciara/Claude Kelly

Cristyle ‘@only1CRISTYLE’ Johnson chills on the set of KeKe Palmer‘s new show (?) “True Jackson”, after which she went to brainstorm with producer Toby Gad for a session which occurred the next day…

James ‘@fauntleroy’ Fauntleroy was at some sort of songwriting expo where he did a “songwriting collaboration panel” with Cristyle, Andre Merritt and Brian Kennedy, get in the studio guys! He also hosted his demo track “Back For The Future”, produced by Rob Knox and featuring Luke Boyd

Marcella ‘@IncredibleLAGO’ Araica gave us another teaser about the artist ‘Dean‘ that Keri mentioned did demo vocals/wrote on R. Kelly’s track “Number 1” the other day, still trying to work out if this is dope writer Esther Dean, I hope so! Here’s what Lago had to say on her…

“in da studio wit Poloooww da Don!!! Mixxxxxin his New Artist Dean!!This girl pen is sick! Vocal is one of a kind!!! Look out 4 “Drop it Low”

* Confirmed: It is indeed Esther Dean, can’t wait for that first single, she is indeed sikk with a pen! (see: “Make Me Over”, “Whatcha Think About That”, “Patron Tequila”)

Ciara ‘@PrincessSuperC’ Harris did an interview for our UK show T4 on Channel 4 before heading to Niketown on Oxford Circus in London. She then took off for New York on her busy promo trail…

– Finally, Claude ‘@ClaudeKelly’ Kelly finished up a session for at least one track for Jordin Spark’s sophomore album. “Session with Jordin was awesome. She’s a trooper.” he said. I’m really excited for this album after hearing about her new single “Battlefield”, sounds like its gonna be “Bleeding Love”/”Halo” Pt. 3! Very Happy

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