RichGirl – "He Ain’t With Me Now (Though)" [Rich Harrison]

At the risk of being completely unoriginal and/or committing plagiarism (I’m really sorry Mr./Ms. Rap-Up writer dude[tte]!), here’s an article pasted from Rap-Up about, up to now, virtually unknown Rich Harrison-mentored R&B girl quartet RichGirl who will release their debut single anytime soon. I wouldn’t usually just paste an article but its an exclusive, extremely well written and is formatted in a way that I don’t want to miss out any of the info they’ve got on there, as its all pretty relevant or interesting.

As for my thoughts on the track, its not as impressive as I had hoped from how the article bigs them up and what I expect from a girl group a genius like Rich would be mentoring. It has his usual heavy drum/clashing cymbals sound but its missing the usual catchiness he brings to a track, especially on the chorus, its not extremely well strucutured or written. However, I’m sure Ray Kay will make me like the track a bit more with the video he’s directing for them, I’ve never seen him deliver anything less than visual perfection with his projects up to now. I’m also pretty sure Rich will bring big things on the album as he always delivers at some point with an artist and has varying qualities of tracks. (eg) Amerie’s first two albums although they were pretty much fire throughout!

I definitely preferred Tha Rayne to these girls as yet though, “Didn’t Cha Know” was my shit and I’m still pissed their album didn’t get an official release. I’m wondering if poet Brave was one of the members of the now defunct group as the article says Rich signed her at 15 and the only other member I know is Yummy Bingham, who was also pretty young at the time they recorded their album… Hopefully this album will strike big and Rich will be able to get his fantastic production/writing skills back on the charts in some form, he deserves it for the talent he clearly has for music.

P.S. As the article points out, DAMN Lyndriette looks like Beyonce/Solange!!


Rich Harrison, the producer behind Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” and Amerie’s “1 Thing” has struck gold with his latest project, RichGirl. The R&B group consists of four empowered females who not only look like money, but have the golden pipes to back it up. visited with the newcomers last week in the lap of luxury, Beverly Hills, where they introduced themselves and won us over with their opulent voices.

RichGirl includes the spoken-word poet Brave, the Southern belle Lyndriette, church-raised Seven, and the sassy Audra. They formed with the help of Harrison and now live together in Atlanta while finishing their self-titled debut album, due later this summer. Signed to Richcraft/Jive, and managed by Chris Brown’s manager Tina Davis, this bankable quartet stays in pocket.

“Our sound is very honest. Each song tells a specific story,” says the curly-haired Brave. “One thing that we want to do is bring the singing back to the songs,” Audra chimes in. “That’s something that’s lacking right now.” Even though they’re quick to point out that their name does not refer to material items, when it comes to their talent, these girls are cash money millionaires.

Lyndriette, Seven, Brave, and Audra

L to R: Lyndriette, Seven, Brave, and Audra

10 things you should know about RichGirl…

1. Brave is fierce. The Baltimore native brings her spoken-word and street-tinged raps to the group. She was originally signed as a solo artist by Harrison when she was 15.

2. Lyndriette is goofy. She does a mean Shakira impression and the “stankiest-looking grandma dance ever,” which we didn’t get to see in-person because she was wearing a dress. And yes, she’s heard the Beyoncé comparisons.

3. Seven is sweet-n-sour. “How do you describe someone with a split personality?” jokes Audra about her bandmate’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona. The Florida gal was discovered through MySpace.

4. Audra is a dork and a prankster. The Jennifer Love Hewitt look-a-like has a dry sense of humor. “She thinks of the craziest things that are so obvious and will recite it as a joke,” says Brave. Audra joined the group through an open audition.

5. They were inspired by En Vogue “as far as the look, the sophistication, and the classiness,” as well as Destiny’s Child, TLC, SWV, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. “Pretty much anyone that’s been able to really sing.”

6. They describe themselves as a cross between En Vogue and the Spice Girls. “If there was a cross between En Vogue and certain elements of the Spice Girls, that’s what we’d like to bring,” reveals Audra. “The individuality, but yet a whole.”

7. When they’re not working, you can find them in an ATL bowling alley or swimming pool.

8. In addition to Harrison, they’ve recorded with The Underdogs (“Back 2 Da Club”), Bryan-Michael Cox, Dre & Vidal, and KP & Malay for their debut album.

9. As far as style goes, Brave is a Sarah Jessica Parker/Rihanna fashionista, Lyndriette likes a tailored look, Seven prefers anything boho or short, tight, and sexy, and Audra rocks mod fashions.

10. They’ve heard the Electrik Red comparisons, so save them!

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