Toni Braxton – "Not A Chance" [The Underdogs]

OMFG is it actually possible for this woman to do a bad or even mediocre track? Here’s another fantastic one recorded for her upcoming (and now way overdue) sixth album, tentatively titled “Pulse”. This particular track is the most vintage I’ve heard Toni in quite a few years and takes me back to tracks like “Talkin’ In His Sleep” and “In The Late Of Night” from her sophomore (and probably my favourite) album “Secrets”. Its understated production allows those classic husky Toni vocals to really shine. My only qualm is that the faded beat we can hear in the background at certain points of the track should have been brought in at some point, it sounds too good to waste.

Now tracks are finally leaking from this project, I’m getting completely amped for the album, although I shouldn’t have expected anything less than absolute perfection from Ms. Braxton. Up to now we’ve had the fantastic upbeat banger (and rumoured debut single, it so should be if not) the Darkchild-produced “Get Loose”, the beautiful Claude Kelly-penned, Soulshock & Karlin-produced “Melt (Like An Iceberg)” and the stunningly James Fauntleroy-arranged, Underdogs-produced “Heart Never Had A Hero”. We’ve also heard that Toni has recorded tracks with dope writer/shit singer Jesse McCartney, (“My Ring’s Too Heavy”) Ruth Ann-Cunningham, The Writing Camp, Red One and my most anticipated collabo, at least one joint with The Clutch and MIDI Mafia, I cannot WAIT to hear Toni, a vocal master, tackle a Candice Nelson, an arrangement master, track.

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