Ciara – Possible Collabo With Janet

Courtesy of ThatGrapeJuice, here’s a snippet of an interview from Ciara’s promo trip over here to the UK the other week, where she talks about seeking out a collabo with legend Janet Jackson.

R&B star Ciara has revealed that she is hoping to arrange a duet with Janet Jackson in the future.

The singer confirmed that a project with Jackson is at the top of her wishlist following the success of ‘Love Sex Magic’, her recent collaboration with Justin Timberlake.

“My dream is to collaborate with Janet Jackson. She was my big idol growing up,” Ciara told the Daily Star.

“JJ is amazing and, no matter what, you can’t forget what she has contributed to American music. Janet is truly an icon. She was the only person I listened to as a kid, along with her big bro Michael.”

I won’t hold my breath for this actually happening because it was only said in passing conversation but I would obviously LOVE for this to happen. As an absolute stan for Janet and a lover of Ciara’s drive to keep dancing and routines a big part of music, the two of them dancing together in a video together would be orgasmic. After her disappointing videos with Enrique and JT (good videos but the guys didn’t dance at all) I’m hoping for one for “Turntables” with Chris Brown to match that BET performance they did, I think until this possible Janet collabo, this would definitely tide me over!

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