Ginuwine – "Get Involved" (Featuring Timbaland, Missy Elliott) [Clip] [Timbaland] + "Used To Be The One"

Finally we get to hear some of the most anticipated work (for me at least) that is the reunion after nearly a decade of Ginuwine and his former go to producer Timbaland. Thankfully the track does not disappoint with Timbaland’s funky beat and sung vocal contributions and Ginuwine switching up his singing style a little. The track also thankfully doesn’t bite JT’s style too much which is something I was afraid they would do with this project. Can’t wait to hear Missy’s verse on this one, she always brings the heat!

This means that there have been at least three tracks recorded (this, along with “Lapdance” and “Hate To Love Ya”, both co-written by Jim Beanz) with Timbaland for this project. I’m hoping at least one makes the cut and also that James Fauntleroy and The Clutch have submitted songs/been in the studio with this one. I really want the tracks to be top notch quality and having such amazing Timbo in-house writers would guarantee this.

Another new track from the album also recently leaked called “Used To Be The One”. This is actually better than a lot of the mixtape-quality tracks that have leaked up to now from the project. (with tracks like “Get Involved” and “Last Chance” being among the exceptions) It has a really 90s R&B slow jam style to it with the dramatic ascending vocals and heavy layering. I’d say worthy as album filler but nothing more. I’m expecting big things from this album if Ginuwine doesn’t use all the Timbo tracks (which I suspect he won’t) so he better not disappoint! Either way, after two full albums of Timbo/Ginuwine hotness and then just a few tracks here and there it will be nice to hear at least a few tracks from the 2000s cooked up between the two of them. The album is set to drop June 2nd, fingers crossed it actually does!

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