Keyshia Cole/Monica – "Trust" Video – Chris Robinson

Here’s the video to Keyshia’s third single from her CLASSIC third album “A Different Me”. I’m so glad she released this song, I was already ecstatic these two duetted but to get a single release out of it is even more of a bonus! The Toxic/Donald Alford cut is actually a leftover track from her debut album “The Way It Is” sessions and was originally sung solo by Keyshia. I’m so glad she revamped it with Monica though because she adds even more to the track’s 90s Quiet Storm feel being that she was such a prominent voice in 90s R&B.

They both look gorgeous, especially Monica with that short cut, she looks just like she did back in the day, Keyshia needs to keep hers trimmed to the same length, she definitely doesn’t suit long hair. I loved the cut she had for the “A Different Me” album art, so stick to that Keysh!

Keyshia is already recording her next album, which already has a projected release date of December – can’t wait, her albums have got better and better, so the next one will have a lot to live up to to beat “A Different Me”, I’m sure she’ll do it though! If only other artists/record companies got things cracking like Keyshia and Geffen do, we might have a few more artists’ projects out!

Randomly, here’s another video I found on YouTube, some girls dancing to the fantastic Soulshock & Karlin/Tammie “Taboo” track “Fallin’ Out” from Keyshia’s last album “Just Like You”, its not the easiest song to dance to, despite S&K’s banging drumbeats but the girls killed it with their routine!

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