Teairra Marí – "Cause A Scene" Video – Juwan Lee

Here’s Teairra’s video for her second single from her forthcoming sophomore album “At That Point”, I’ve been bumping the track and the track played in this video’s intro, “Automatic” for weeks now and absolutely adore them both. They have so much attitude to them, me and the girls like to bump them and get us some attitude before we go out and party! As for the video, although I was disappointed Teairra didn’t beat her man senseless for lying to her and considering all the attitude of the song about her fighting, the dance routine towards the end more than made up for it. If that ain’t one of the hottest dance sections I’ve seen in a music video, the fluroscent lighting and body paint were so damn original and the edginess of it really fit in with the attitude-packed song. Total hotness!

I hope this track does well for her because although “Hunt 4U” was good enough to give the album success, this is top notch and if the public don’t buy her records from this then they’re crazy…

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