Ciara – "When I" [Champ Champ/Stacy Barthe] & "Feelin’ On My A" [Sean Garett/Midnight Black]

Here’s the last remaining bonus tracks from Ciara’s recently released third album “Fantasy Ride”. We’ve had the demo and clip of “Feelin’ On My A” for a while and unfortuntely the full doesn’t change my previous thoughts that, as usual, its a steaming pile of Sean ‘shitty’ Garrett, if this would have made the tracklisting I would have been very angry with so many good tracks left off so I’m glad it’s not even a bonus track.
“When I” however, is a track that should not only be one of the main bonus tracks but should be on the main tracklist, as it was originally intended. Up and coming writer and Surf Club associate Stacy “Stacelette” Barthe (Britney’s “Blur”) absolutely does her thing on the track, over Champ Champ’s percolating 80s disco-inspired beat. The chorus is catchy as hell, along with the repeated “When I” throughout the track. An absolutely great track which should definitely have been on the album. Along with the different soundscapes elsewhere on “Fantasy Ride”, the retro funk of “Love & Sex & Magic”, the crunk of “High Price” and the dance club energy of “Work”, I think this track could have fit in really well. Regardless, I’m glad we finally got to hear it.

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