Mario: Cover Versions – "Save My Soul", "Sexual Healing", "Punch Drunk Love" & "Come & Talk To Me"

I’m guessing these are part of some sort of mixtape due to the quality and randomness of the cover versions he’s chosen.

His cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Save My Soul” is amazing, nothing like anything he’s done before. I’d never heard the original before so Danger Mouse’s instrumental was completely new to me. The music is like something from a Western with its calm, steady drum beat and gentle guitar plucks and vocals are out of this world, he hits some beautiful notes and sounds like a 60s soul singer. I’d love him to record something like this for his project, and really step out of the mainstream R&B box.

As for “Sexual Healing”, again, such a random cover version but he does a good job of course, he has some amazing pipes on him and definitely does Marvin Gaye justice.

He does an interesting cover of Common/Kanye West’s “Punch Drunk Love”, with the Neptunes awesome beat muted a little to give his sultry vocals their shine. Again, a very random cover for a mainstream R&B singer to do, but I like it.

Finally, he covers Jodeci’s 90s R&B hit “Come & Talk To Me”, and does a great job not oversinging like the guys do on the original.

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