TwitterNews 08/05/09: Hit-Boy/Diddy/Dawn Richard/Cristyle/Candice Nelson/Talib Kweli/Dallas Austin/Cassie/James Fauntleroy/The Sugababes etc

Hit-Boy ‘@surfclubhit fills us in on his current projects, including his tracks recorded with Robin Thicke, apparently the manager at Interscope keeps telling him they’re the best tracks he’s ever recorded – can’t wait! He also shared with us the fact that it is in fact him and Surf Club partner Chase ‘N’ Cashe ‘@ChaseNCashe who produced that snippet we got from Diddy‘s “Last Train To Paris” album “Hair Down”, featuring Dawn Richard. Hit-Boy recited some of the lyrics, complimented Dawn’s singing skills and told us that Diddy has him tweaking every little detail of the track. Gotta love Diddy’s perfectionism, if only he’d be like that with his record label and other artists!

Diddy ‘@iamdiddy met with Hype Williams to discuss concepts for “Last Train To Paris” – exciting, I love me some Hype! It has also been confirmed that the third member of Diddy’s new threepiece band Dirty Money, along with him and Dawn Richard is Kalenna ‘@KLEANTHEDREAM‘ Harper, who is possibly Kalenna Harper, a writer for Darkchild.

Dawn ‘@DawnRichard‘ Richard shares her excitement over her vocals on ‘this album’ (whether that be her solo one or Diddy’s is not clear) and also how proud she is of the vocal arrangements on her and Que‘s [from Day26, her boyfriend] track “Broken Promises”.

Cristyle ‘@CRISTYLE_‘ Johnson goes into the studio with Dr. Luke, clears up that the tracks “Phobia” and “Fearless” are not by her, goes into the studio with Novel & Tony Reyes to write for Leona Lewis and posts a pic of her and Tricky getting those ASCAP awards for Mariah‘s “Touch My Body”:

Patrick “J. Que” ‘@jquesmith‘ Smith finally gave us some juicy Twitter gossip and has been in the studio with both Electrik Red & Babyface!

Candice ‘@velmadaria‘ Nelson was also in the session with Babyface meaning we may have Clutch/Babyface tracks soon! How exciting is that?! She also shares her love for Mr. Chows with fellow Clutch member Keri Hilson and has a bad hair day: “Okay so if any of you see me in the street and my hair is giving you Cruella, just tell me it’ll be okay. I know I’m the opposite of beat.” LMAO!

Talib ‘@RealTalibKweli‘ Kweli films a music video with former Jurassic 5 member, the awesome Chali2Na, I will be posting this joint “Lock Shit Down” later on today. He’s also going to be doing a concert in NY with Mos Def [they’re in a duo called Black Star, if you haven’t heard their only album stop sleeping its awesome!] so pissed I can’t see it!

Dallas ‘@dalllasaustin‘ Austin talks about a possible solo project called “8DAZEAWEAKEND” and also goes into the studio with BC Jean.

– Apart from those naked pictures that have got the internet in a frenzy, Cassie ‘@cassieventura informed us that one of the tracks she recorded with Pharrell is called “Hide” featuring the man himself (possibly the track we have a LQ clip of), reciting the lyric “…can’t hold my hand though, but we got matchin’ tattoos…”. She also received her promo schedule and is about to shoot the video for “Must Be Love” today.

James ‘@fauntleroy‘ Fauntleroy went into a session with his group The Y’s but a few hours later reported that he was feeling uninspired, to which Alexandra Burke responded “isn’t that the most amazing feeling?”. He also said he’s not been able to sleep or is having nightmares when he does. Aww, hope you get better soon JF and give us some more hits! He did manage to complete the tracks he was working on however and thanked his Facebook and Twitter fans for cheering him up. He asked Twitter followers if he should become more mainstream, to which the resounding answer I’m sure was HELL NO! Finally, he twittered to Marie Digby (she missed seeing him at a studio they were both at) and Keisha Buchanan from The Sugababes (she said he was so cool, he didn’t seem to know who she was) hopefully this means collabos ahead!! Exciting!

– As for concrete news, our UK’s own The Sugababes are set to work with big US writers and producers for their cross-atlantic debut after signing with Jay-Z‘s Roc-A-Fella record label. Already confirmed are collabos with Brian Kennedy, Makeba Riddick, Andre Merritt and Red One. The girls have a great look, great voices and always switch up their sound well so I’ll be glad to hear the results!

Claude ‘@ClaudeKelly‘ Kelly has been busy as always, in the studio with C. “Tricky” Stewart and Christina Aguilera recording something that will ‘light up the clubs’ – exciting, love Christina doing club bangers! He also went into the studio with Jordin Sparks and Warren ‘Oak’ Felder to record tracks – again exciting, absolutely love Oak and Jordin! He also declared his love for Tweet‘s “Southern Hummingbird” album (one of my faves too, check the sidebar >>) and his desire to work with (or maybe he already has) superproducer/writer/artist Ryan Tedder, saying they are/would be a ‘mean combo’. He was also in the studio with producer Deputy (Sean Garrett‘s “Grippin'”) and was chatting to Alexandra Burke, who had commandeered Soulshock‘s computer!

– Speaking of Soulshock ‘@SoulshockLA, he and Karlin were in the studio with and unknown writer and Alexandra again, coming up with another song for her. They had been in with dope writer Harold Lilly a few days earlier so maybe he’s this mystery writer? OMG Alexandra over a Soulshock & Karlin/Ha
rold Lilly and S&K/Andrea Martin track this is too damn exciting! Alexandra had previously stated she had ‘cried with what I’ve heard’, possibly hearing the Andrea Martin-penned track. Soulshock was also in the studio with new artist Priscilla Renea, who is signed to Virgin Records.

Chrisette ‘@epiphanygirl‘ Michele was rallying for her album, asking people to send in their pics with her album and encouraging saving $2 a day to afford it! She also went into the Yahoo Studios to record ‘Cover Art’, where she performed a No Doubt track. Her album is currently number 1 on iTunes and my God does it deserve it, if you haven’t already YOU NEED to hear this classic album – buy it NOW! [only 3 damn dollars on Amazon, there’s no excuse!]

BadBoyBlog reports that Harve Pierre‘s Crazy Joint label artist Marina Cello is to shoot a video for her track “Sideline” FINALLY! Can’t see this girl doing well I’m afraid, simply because of her label, even though I’ve liked her sound from what I’ve heard up to now…

Wynter ‘@wyntermusic‘ Gordon readied herself for a performance of “Sugar” last night with Flo Rida on Jimmy Kimmel, her first bit of mainstream exposure, go girl!

Adrienne ‘@Adrienne_Bailon‘ Bailon went back into the studio with Darkchild to record tracks for her forthcoming debut solo album. She had previously worked with him on tracks for the “Confessions Of A Shopaholic OST”.

Alicia ‘@superwomanak‘ Keys and Kerry ‘@Krucial also known as KrucialKeys were in the studio vibing, they did ‘a beat for the clubs’ and then starting recording a new track with The Bells Band. They’re also working on some sort of project with someone named Jada, have no idea who it is though. [“OK So JAda Love The Theme Ideas Me and @Superwomanak Made For Hawthorne She Was Mad That We gave her 3 Choices, haha! The Saga Continues…”]

– Producer Neo Da Matrix ‘@NeoDaMatrix has been signed up to do a Sears commercial. He’s previously worked with Rihanna (“Say It”), The Bravehearts (“I Will”) and many other rap artists.

– Finally, Ciara ‘@PrincessSuperC was offering up single suggestions to her fans, she suggested “Work”, “Like A Surgeon” and “High Price”. Although nearly every track on that album could be a single, I want “Turntables” and a video with a mean dance off with Chris Brown! Her long-delayed album “Fantasy Ride” is currently at No. 6 on the iTunes charts, well done CiCi, I got my deluxe edition ordered already, can’t wait!

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