Jennifer Lopez – "What Is Love" [D’Mile, Wynter Gordon]

Here’s a new track, possibly recorded for Jennifer’s upcoming Greatest Hits CD. Its a fantastic one with its stuttering synths and beautiful vocal arrangement, I love that “na na na na” vocal section, its really catchy, and it also gives me a latin chant vibe that Jenny’s been missing for years. (her last latin tracks on one of her R&B albums were on “J. Lo”) Jennifer always puts out the best quality material and using upcoming artist/writer Wynter shows she’s once again on the pulse of the hottest talent. The fact she used The Clutch, Frankie Storm and Chasity Nwagbara on over half of her last album “Brave” shows she’s not scared to use underground talent for the hottest tracks. Despite the slating it got, I doubt half the people listened to it and/or had any musical taste, because it was an excellent piece of work.

The song has been subject to some controversy after Wynter Gordon made comments on her MySpace & Twitter apparently dissing J. Lo’s take on the song. However, she has now clarified her position and said she was actually angry at the record label for letting it leak and loves J. Lo as an artist. I can see where she’s coming from because record companies often don’t use leaked tracks on the releases they were intended for because they’re considered ‘old material’. It would be a real shame for this track not to make the cut though, I think it even has single potential. Plus, she’d be mad not to like it, as always, Jennifer did the song total justice.

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