Jordin Sparks – "Battlefield" [Ryan "Alias" Tedder, The Runawayz – Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello, Wayne Wilkins]

Here’s Jordin Sparks’ highly anticipated first single from her forthcoming sophomore album. Since I loved Jordin’s debut then I heard her first single was gonna be produced by the ridiculously talented Ryan Tedder, I’ve been pining for this track and it definitely does not disappoint. Jordin takes the heavy drum and piano-led rock/R&B direction she did on previous tracks from her debut like “Now You Tell Me” with more of the vocal attitude to match it. As I always consider important on a good track the hook “I never meant to start a war…” and the breakdown “You better go and get your armour…” are absolute perfection. I love the deeper background vocals throughout as well, it gives the track even more of a rock/live edge.

Considering its produced and written by Tedder and The Runawayz, the same team (together and respectively) behind Leona’s “Bleeding Love”/”Take A Bow”, Beyonce’s “Halo”, Keri Hilson’s “Energy” and Anastacia’s “One Day In Your Life” I didn’t expect anything less than perfection but this has definitely blown me away regardless! If this, along with Beyonce’s “Halo” (which was apparently intended for Leona) is the quality of material Ryan’s delivering then we won’t have to worry about him following up the classic “Bleeding Love”.

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