Bonus Tracks: Esmée Denters – "Eyes For You" [Novel, Tony Reyes] & Elliott Yamin – "When I’m Gone" [Jermaine Dupri]

Here’s a couple of much anticipated bonus tracks from the recently released projects by fantastic vocalists Esmée Denters and Elliott Yamin. We had previously heard a few LQ clips of “Eyes For You” and its pretty satisfying in full, as its produced by the ever-talented Alonzo “Novel” Stevenson with his common collaborator Tony Reyes with its laid back guitar-driven indie R&B sound and Esmée already has a similar vocal to her, I’m not surprised it sounds like its been lifted straight from Stacie Orrico’s fantastic last album “Beautiful Awakening”. This definitely deserved to be at least a bonus, I really hope we get more in future though, even if they’re placed with other artists, so many tracks were recorded for this project so it’d be such a shame for them to go to waste!

As for Elliott’s track this is the last official/known bonus to leak from the “Fight For Love” era and was probably my most anticipated, even over his fantastic renditions of James Fauntleroy’s mindblowing demos “Doorway” and “Forever In You”. It definitely doesn’t stand up to these tracks however, I wanted JD to come a bit harder, instead he sort of molded his sound a little too much to the Neo-Soul/Rock vibe of the rest of the album instead of staying true to the funky more synthesised-based tracks he does so well. He would have been better giving it a bit more of an urban edge if he was gonna go a guitar-based beat like he did really well on Deborah Cox’s “Too Good To Be True”. It is a decent track however, I just had big expectations for such a dope collabo. I imagine that’s Johntá on writing seen as he wrote the awesome title track but guess we’ll just have to wait for official credits to know for sure.

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