Daily Demos: Erika Nuri – "Right Here (Departed)" [Darkchild, TWC] [Brandy] & RL – "Show Off" [Oak, Harvey Mason, Jr.] [Ginuwine]

OMG I love it when demos leak to big tracks like this, especially when its Erika or Victoria’s gorgeous vocals on a Writing Camp track! From the demo we can clearly see that not only did Brandy throw down as always on her arrangements and BGVs on the final track but the whol structure of it was also changed up and very effectively I must say. Considering Brandy is the master of vocal arrangements/BGVs Erika didn’t do bad herself on this one it has to be said…

Also here we have RL (formerly of 90s R&B group NEXT) demoing a track recorded for Ginuwine’s forthcoming album “A Man’s Thoughts”. At first I was expecting this to be your usual substandard ballad with the piano and slow paced vocals despite the sexually forceful lyrics and was about to press next but then Oak’s influence kicked in and I was amazed to get an awesome funky electronic beat and some strong well backed and arranged vocals kicking in. Overall, a pretty strong track and definitely one of the best of the many to leak from this project.

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