Ginuwine – "Last Chance (Acoustic Version)", "Show Off", "Used To Be The One" & "Closer"

Well this has to be one of the worst protected projects since Mario’s “And Then There Was Me”, although to his credit the much anticipated tracks with The Runners, Keyshia Cole and Brandy have unfortunately yet to leak!

First up is a live version of the first single from his forthcoming album “A Man’s Thoughts”, the very strong B. Cox-produced, Adonis-written anthemic ballad “Last Chance”. Ginuwine takes us back to the 90s with his strong overdramatic vocals and the live instrumentation of drums, acoustic and electric guitars as opposed to a backing track is much appreciated.
Next is the upbeat track “Show Off” to which you can read my review of in my last post, where I talked about RL’s demo of the track. Ginuwine sounds awesome on it and as always, its nice to hear another vocal on the same track.
“Used To Be The One” is much in the same anthemic 90s ballad vein as “Last Chance” although the production or arrangement is not as on point. Its a decent track but definitely not the quality I’m expecting from this album with so many tracks being recorded and leaking.
Final track “Closer” is actually rapper Maddi Madd’s (WTF!) track featuring Ginuwine on chorus and bridge duties. Although Madd’s rapping is average at best and annoying at worst the track’s actually not that bad. It starts off with a nice 90s style a capella and continues the 90s feel with its summery production of hand claps and twinkling synths and as always Ginuwine’s vocals and ad libs are on point.

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