Ciara – "Secret" / "Tick Tock"

Here’s a track apparently recorded for Ciara’s latest project “Fantasy Ride”, which would probably have appeared on the “Groove City” disc had she stuck with the original concept. The track is definitely a strong contender for the final 1-disc tracklist as were a lot of the leaked tracks we’ve seen. The production and arrangements, like “Supernatural” sound like something straight from my favourite R&B era – The 90s. Ciara’s soft, understated vocals definitely suit this sort of laid back, sexy beat to a tee.

“Tick Tock” also fits this bill although a little more upbeat. Although the arrangement isn’t amazing and the vocals sound unmastered, I love the “Miscommunication”-esque synths throughout and the funky bass guitar and electric guitar solo bringing an 80s vibe to the track. With a little editing I think this could be a really strong track, again in the concept album context.
Just a shame that so many good tracks like this were wasted in the scrapping of her 3-disc concept album.

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