Teyana Taylor – "Complicated" [Hit-Boy, The Clutch – Candice Nelson & J. Que]

Well, they’ve been a longtime leaking but finally, seen as Pharrell is so resistant to releasing her project or even first single, I’m glad we’re getting The Clutch joints Teyana recorded for her album. I doubt any of them will be used now for the project seen as they’re so old and she’s apparently re-recording it anyway so I can’t see the harm. The track is just what I expected from hearing the other tracks The Clutch & Hit-Boy did for her but still awesome, with its laid-back 90s style New Jack-sounding production and beautifully arranged (as always from Gg) vocals along with its softspoken lyrics of teenage love. I wish we could have heard them all on one album, as even though artists like Tiffany Evans, Raven Symone and Karina Pasian have tried to fill the teenage R&B-pop market, they failed chart-wise even though their albums were great and we still don’t have anyone successful to fill that void. Teyana’s an interesting artist though, so hopefully she gets some sort of record out this year, even if it doesn’t include these fantastic Clutch tracks.

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