LeToya – "Don’t Need You" [MaddScientist] & "She Ain’t Got…" [Final] [Cory Bold, The Graffiti Artists] + Album Cover/Video

First of all check out the FIERCE cover LeToya debuted today for her forthcoming album “Lady Love”, girl is looking the absolute hotness, I LOVE that structure on the back of her dress. (although I know people are gonna compare it to the Beyonce promos, LeToya looks way better!)

Now onto business, here’s one of the only tracks to leak in full recorded for the project, which is now due out August 25th, after many pushbacks. The first is the MaddScientist-produced “Don’t Need You”, which is as usual from this dude quality material and a great combo of pop and R&B sensibilities as he’s illustrated in the past with tracks like Elliot Yamin’s “Fight For Love”, Leona’s “Mrs. Glass” & Christina Milian’s “Us Against The World”. He manages to create these catchy-ass songs which still pack a punch production-wise with plenty of little bleeps and sexy drum patterns for the criticial heads that might be listening.

As for the final of “She Ain’t Got…” I was really impressed with how Cory Bold switched it up a little, I absolutely love that intro of the electric guitar take on the main beat and LeToya delivers with her background vocals as usual, I love those “Noooo”s on the bridge. Hopefully this banging track will give her the success she deserves, where the equally fantastic “Not Anymore” and its beautiful video failed. Speaking of videos, that of the new single premiered today and its hot as hell! Again directed by Bryan Barber (“Not Anymore”, Outkast) its a totally different affair and really matches the edginess and anger of the tracks’ subject matter and thudding beat with its great dance routine and LeToya’s bad girl swag. I’m hoping this isn’t the final version though as it lacks that HQ sheen that professional videos usually have and this makes it look cheap when its clearly not and is a great video. I’m sure film heads will be able to help me out with putting a name to it but I know something’s definitely missing!

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