TwitterNews 10/07/09

Alicia Keys has been back in the studio with common collaborator Kerry “Krucial” Brothers. She also gave us two track titles that have been recorded for her album: “Sweetest Surrender” & “Zebras & Aeroplanes”.
Hit-Boy‘s Mary J. Blige record leaked already titled “Stronger” and he informed us it was mixed by the infamous studio engineer Dave Pensado and that it may get a video treatment and therefore (I guess) a single release. He has also started recording tracks with (respectively) Jennifer Lopez, Mario Winans and Chris Brown, who apparently still wants to use the leaked track “Froze” for his forthcoming third album.
Kwame “K-1 Mil” Holland and Claude Kelly express their desire to produce JoJo‘s whole album but say label politics get in the way, they even considered recording the whole thing together as demos and giving straight to her – that would be hot! Kwame is also working with Beenie Man ATM.
Claude Kelly also went into the studio with K. Michelle, StarGate and Es?ionage, possibly all together, and recorded with 1. Tommy Henriksen, 2. Bryan Ellis and Fredro, 3. Estelle & Salaam Remi, 4. Danja, 5. Preach Bal4, 6. Chuck Wicks, 7. Dapo Torimiro & Mike Mobley 8. Kris Allen, 9. Chris Tompkins/Josh Kear and 10. Brian Kennedy respectively. He also had more sessions with Christina Aguilera and mixed a track for one of ‘all time favorite r&B artists’ – who could it be??
Alonzo “Novel” Stevenson goes into the studio with Eric Hudson, back in with Leona Lewis, an Atlantic session for Toni Braxton‘s album “Pulse” and to a session with Harold Lilly and Jazze Pha. He will also made a cameo in Diamond D‘s video to “It’ll Be Alright” and will release his first mixtape “Suspended Animation” soon.
Leona has also been recording with Jason Derulo, Toby Gad and Wizz_Dumb, who is apparently a Timbaland associate. Some recorded track titles and actual tracks have also been leaked, including “My Hands”, which features strings by the Urban Soul Orchestra and apparently all produced by Ryan “Alias” Tedder are “I Got You”, “Strangers”, “Perfect Stranger” and “Brave”.
The Writing Camp and Victoria Horn [former member] both have seperate sessions with producer Oak. Victoria also revealed to me she wrote the demos “Don’t Think Twice” [Bloodshy & Avant/Christina Milian?] and “Red Eye” [Darkchild/Cassie?] with Evan “Kidd” Bogart and that they were performed not by her or Erika Nuri, but by a session singer. TWC have also been in the studio with producer Chuck Harmony, Soulshock & Karlin and Keefer Hodges-Harris/Lalajuleona Frampnetta respectively.
Alexandra Burke is recording songs by Graffiti Artists member Andre Merritt and Red One respectively. She also met Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris and had her vocals touched up by Karlin on her Soulshock & Karlin/Andrea Martin track.
Jim Beanz will also be going into the studio with Alexandra soon. He has also been writing a track with Donnell Shawn over a Danja beat, a track with Jason Derulo, one for Rihanna, tracks with Rob Knox, Sun, Diddy, and recently went into the studio with SoShy to record Timbaland tracks, co-written with Michelle Bell, with guitar by Eren Cattana. He says he wants to work with Tila Tequila, hopefully he’s joking about that! He also showcased his artists, group Rebel to execs. A track produced by Timbaland was played at the show.
Neo Da Matrix produces for Range‘s debut album, which better have “Time Machine” [Rob Knox/James Fauntleroy] on it when it finally comes out, track is dope! He also revealed a track he did with The Jam member Jordan Omley, called “A Beautiful Sunday”. As for Range, he has been working on tracks for Mary J. Blige and also worked with Chuck Harmony for his own album.
Kat Deluna works with Scott Storch/Andre Merritt, Claude Kelly and J. Que respectively.
– Upcoming artist Suai records a track written by Ne-Yo.
Teyana Taylor has been recording with Chris Brown, T-Pain and possibly Soulja Boy. A rap freestyle performed by her and Chris called “I’m Illy” recently leaked.
Marcella “Ms. Lago” Araica reveals she and Danja are working on a track by Ahmad Belvin called “Trophy Girl”, which features T-Pain.
– Old school Bad Boy producer and Hitman Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie produces a track called “My Heart” for Diddy‘s forthcoming album.
Cristyle records at least 3 joints with Syience and The Sugababes for their forthcoming debut US release. She was in the studio having a discussion (and hopefully writing tracks) with LaShawn Daniels, Adonis Shropshire, Shea Taylor and Deputy [whom she confirmed a session with]. She also introduced us to her artist Paulina Citzman, whom she recorded a tribute song to the late Michael Jackson with. Finally, she was also in again with Dr. Luke.

– The Sugababes have also completed recording of this forthcoming 7th album, they will release the Red One-produced “Get Sexy” as their first single from it. Member Keshia also revealed that Rihanna has been listening to and commenting on tracks from the album.
Mariah Carey goes into the studio with Timbaland for the very first time – its gonna be special I’m sure! She also reveals that as well as the Gucci Mane-featured remix to her first single “Obsessed”, for which she just completed filming the hilarious Brett Ratner-directed video, there is also a remix to another Tricky/The-Dream track called “I Hate U”. It will apparently incorporate a classic song and a rap verse – hot, just like old school Mariah remixes! 🙂 As for Timbaland, he has also been in the studio with Diddy.
A Plus [Anesha
& Antea Birchett]
were in the studio with D-Mile, as well as Adrienne Bailon and Delisha Thomas, among others. They also went into the studio with Mary J. Blige. D-Mile has also been producing for Diddy‘s album “Last Train To Paris” and with Johnta Austin, who introduced him to Bryan Michael Cox.
– Bryan Michael Cox has been continuing work on Monica‘s forthcoming album, their session for a ballad called “Infinity” was filmed for her BET show. He also confirmed that a track called “Cry” by Brandy does exist and was produced by him and written with Adonis Shropshire – ooh all those unreleased Brandy tracks there must be!
Q-Tip has also been recording with Mary J. Blige, as well as Consequence and Nas. He also informed us he will be performing a free show in Central Park on July 18th, as well as a Michael Jackson tribute show on August 29th.
Adrienne Bailon records Rico Love‘s demo “Driving Like A Bitch” for her debut solo album on Def Jam. She has also been recording with one of my favourite production teams The Runners and writer/artist Kevin “KC” Cossom together. Rico Love and Chuck Harmony were also recording songs together seperately.
L.O.S. Da Mystro records a track with an “amazing string arrangement” for Jazmine Sullivan‘s sophomore album, as well one for Jordin Sparks. He also recorded tracks with Rico Love for Jamie Foxx.
Ryan Leslie has also been recording for the Jazmine album. He also shot the video to his track with Fabolous/Keri Hilson titled “Everyday, Everything, Everywhere”. Jazmine has also worked with Benny Blanco for her project.
Wynter Gordon records more tracks with Mysto & Pizzi, as well as Victoria Horn, Rock City (possibly a Soulshock & Karlin track), Rico Love and Bei Meijor.
Cassie chooses tracks to appear on her sophomore album “Electro Love”, she will also release the Red One/Akon collaboration “Let’s Get Crazy” as her third single from the album.
Soulshock asks fans to decide what rapper may appear on their upbeat Backstreet Boys track. He was also in the studio with Jessica Jarrell [artist], Cathy Dennis [writer], Sean Hurley [instrumentalist], Rock City [writers/performers] and Wayne Hector [writer] respectively. Apparently LA Reid liked the Jessica Jarrell track. Soulshock was also mixing a Toni Braxton record, so hopefully “Melt” isn’t their only track for her.
The Runners produce a track for R&B singer-songwriter Tank, they tell me it will be old school but not as old school as Keyshia Cole‘s “Please Don’t Stop” was, so I’m guessing maybe a 90s sound? Tank also asked that it be upbeat – makes a change for him so I’m happy! They also worked on the new Wyclef Jean street single “We Made It”, had sessions with T-Pain, Akon, Nipsey Hustle, Avery Storm, Chris Brown, RichGirl (a slow jam similar to Chris Brown’s “Damage” and an upbeat) and Diddy respectively and are doing remixes for Kristinia DeBarge and to Keri Hilson‘s smash “Knock You Down”, which will apparently feature Danja‘s artist Kevin “KC” Cossom, who co-wrote the original track.
– Speaking of Keri Hilson, she performed the SWV classic “Weak” with member Coko on stage a month back, she has also said she is recording a few features, possibly the leaked joints with R. Kelly, Fabolous and The Clipse, as well as another, yet-to-leak track with Three 6 Mafia/Gucci Mane. She revealed that she and fellow Clutch member J. Que once ‘chopped & screwed’ the Clutch track “Ghost” by Kevin Michael and she still has it on her iPod – would love to hear this! She and Dawn Richard have also been hanging out.
Dawn Richard has been recording tracks with C. “Tricky” Stewart alone and fellow Dirty Money member Kalenna Harper with Cristyle, perhaps for a debut solo album? She also wrote a track with James Fauntleroy, called “Pineapple Express”, as well as hanging out with and planning a collabo with Brandy. I would love this as Dawn has such similar vocals/arrangements to Bran, they could create magic!
James Poyser performs with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon and has studio time with Erykah Badu.
Rashad Smith has recorded with Erykah Badu this year, as well as Kid Cudi, Diddy and Ghostface Killah. He has also yet to release his remix to Cassie‘s “Must Be Love”, he told me to ask Diddy when it was being released! (which likely means never with Diddy’s reliability!)
TC records tracks with T-Pain and his artists Sophia Fresh. He is working on Brandy‘s new album and also revealed to me that he still wants her to record “Complete” and “Quicksand”, although the former was originally for Beyonce Knowles. He also said his management wants him to become an artist!
Sophia Fresh were also recording tracks by at least two Clutch members Candice Nelson and J. Que and producer Antonio Dixon. They previously worked with The Clutch when they were named Girlfriends on the track “I’m Sprung”.
Chase N. Cashe tells Melanie Fiona he has tracks ready for her, although she has just released her debut album “The Bridge”, maybe she’ll use them for her sophomore? She has recorded the StarGate/LaShawn Daniels demo “Magic” but it will not appear on the album. 😦 She also said that she has sold over a 1000 tickets for a show in Germany, not bad for a new artist with little-no promotion over here in Europe at least – go girl!
James Fauntleroy lets us know that his mixtape for which he asked people to contribute instrumentals for him to write over is still in progress with a tentative title of “The Robot & The Time Machine”. He has also contributed tracks to the forthcoming albums by Cassie, Diddy & Rihanna (“Te Amo” – StarGate) as well as having sessions with Justin Timberlake [who beatboxed in the studio] and Andrew Dorff. Most interesting for us stans is that his demo “Can’t Live Without You” was been recorded by 4 artists: 1. Glenn Lewis, 2. Mario, 3. Jesse McCartney and 4. Charlie Wilson [who
finally placed the track on his album “Uncle Charlie”]
Esmee Denters records her debut single “Outta Here” in simlish, with translated “1,2,3,4” by Polow! She also revealed she has the same vocal coach as the awesome Marie Digby.

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