Alexandra Burke – "Overcome" & "Perfect" [The Stereotypes]

Well I’m very late with the following tracks I’m gonna post but better that than never they say! Here’s the first original studio recordings from X-Factor diva Alexandra, apparently produced by new-ish production duo The Stereotypes (best known for Danity Kane’s awesome pop-R&B single “Damaged”, which I may digress was disgustingly underrated on the charts…)

“Overcome” is the best of the two tracks, although slightly generic its just the type of quiet storm powerballad I wanted to hear from a voice like Alexandra’s and would not have been out of place on Leona’s debut, especially in comparison to the darker ballads like “Homeless”. Although its a great track, I’m expecting a lot more quality from the ballads on the final album and hope this is just a taster of what we can expect from another American-based, big budget diva project from Epic/J Records.
“Perfect” isn’t as strong a track and even down to its unfinished-sounding structure definitely seems to be an early demo. I like the more upbeat production on this one though, and its moving closer to what I hope Alexandra balances her album out with – upbeat R&B club joints. She has apparently said she wants to be more of a Beyonce-esque artist as opposed to a Whitney-esque one like Leona so I hope she proves this with more “Crazy In Love”-style tracks on her long-awaited debut. As she has apparently worked with producers established more on their midtempo-upbeat jams like Timbaland, Red One, Pharrell & Akon, I’m hoping we’re guaranteed at least a couple of upbeats. Saying this, I’m still looking forward to what I’m guessing is gonna be an amazing ballad, the reunion of Soulshock & Karlin and Andrea Martin on Alexandra’s project.
Alex’s TBD-title album is set for a tentative release of November, yet seen as she’s still recording and considering the strict single-album period such a big budget and well-promoted album demands I doubt it’ll make this date. One things for sure, after Leona’s debut and what is set to be a hot comeback for Whitney, I know veteran Clive Davis (I’m guessing he’s gonna be overseeing the US release of this project too as she did for Simon Cowell with Leona’s) won’t disappoint us with the final tracklist for this one – its gonna be hot!

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