Brandy – ‘Home’ [LQ] [James Fauntleroy, Timbaland & J-Roc]

Timbaland’s DJ – Freestyle Steve recently gave us stans another treat [he apparently leaked ‘Drum Life’ and several other Timbo tracks too] at one of his shows [possibly the recent “SVII” showcase at The House of Blues] by playing the long-awaited Brandy-recorded version of James Fauntleroy’s sikk demo ‘Home’.

All I can say is WOW, I’ve been anticipating Bran’s version for ages now since we got the titles of the two tracks she recorded with Timbo during the ‘Human’/scrapped re-release sessions then James’ demo and as always she KILLED the track vocally. I’m not happy about the Timbo feature, don’t get me wrong it works as a duet I just wanted to hear Bran be slutty and say ‘we might not make the bed if we stay long on this couch’ haha but the track, from Bran’s gorgeous vocals, Timbo & J-Roc’s pumping midtempo beat to James’ always on point lyricism is absolute perfection.

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