Rihanna – "Russian Roulette" & "Wait Your Turn" [Anthony Madler] & "Hard" Videos [Melina Matsoukas]

Such an awesome set of videos as well as music this go round from RiRi. Firstly, directed by Anthony Madler [see also: ‘Disturbia’, ‘Run This Town’] with a fantastic dark concept and imagery, “Russian Roulette” stays completely faithful to Ne-Yo’s writing! Took me ages to realise she’s in some sort of mental institution because she and her BF were playing russian roulette [I think…]

The promo single “Wait Your Turn” was also directed by Anthony Madler. Again with a dark look and imagery and some fierce outfits, this one gives me a real 90s vibe of empowering bad girl videos of the 90s from groups like Total and Xscape.

Her most recent single, the Tricky/Dream-produced track “Hard” saw its video directed by another modern video favourite Melina Matsoukas. The outfits in this one are just bananas. While maintaining the dark imagery of this project at times, this one sees a much more fun Rihanna.

Apparently the next video “Rude Boy” will be a colourful, carribean-influenced affair. With the quality of the videos and tracks RiRi has put out on this project I’m sure we won’t be disappointed!

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