Lady GaGa – “Telephone” [State Of Emergency – Donnie Scantz & Jahi Sundance Remix]

Here’s a new official remix to GaGa’s current single from her EP ‘The Fame: Monster”. Interesting thing about this one is that its produced by legendary Atlanta producer Donnie Scantz [Chante Moore, Aaliyah, Ludacris etc] with partner Jahi Sundance, who also associate frequently with megaproducer Bryan-Michael Cox [Chris Brown’s “Throwed”]. I’m impressed the team have managed to get such a big placement and deservedly so as the funky but low key beat changes the atmosphere of the track completely, which I think a remix always should.

In related news the next GaGa mini-film from her fantastic videography is set to premiere on February 10th, with filming already wrapped up last week. The video will be a continuation of “Paparazzi”, directed by the same team of GaGa and Jonas Akerlund, and involves Beyonce breaking the incarcerated GaGa [she murdered her husband in the last video remember] out of jail in “Kill Bill”s ‘Pussy Wagon’. Choreography is by Laurie Ann Gibson and there will be a cameo by singer Tyrese.

I can’t wait! GaGa always delivers with her videos and I’m sure this will be no exception and make us forget Beyonce/Hype Williams atrocious “VideoPhone” clip. Here’s some sneaky candids to tantalise us for now:


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