. @RCARecords set to release tired FOURTH Whitney Houston GH collection, reality TV show, unreleased track unveiled [13 11 12]



In one of the most brash, calculated and untoward moves in music history RCA/Clive Davis/whoever, not content with the extra million or so copies of tired THIRD Whitney GH ‘The Ultimate Collection’ along with severely boosted sales of the original Whitney collection ‘Whitney: The GH’ and ballad collection ‘Love, Whitney’ sold after her death in February 2012 are set to release yet another lazy, uncreative collection called ‘I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston’ this mid-November, also conveniently in time for a tribute show, reality show from daughter Bobbi Christina and other family members along with the yearly Christmas music gift sales hike.

Instead of putting together a creative collection of unreleased material, personal favourites, rare/unreleased.new remixes or even just underrated album tracks RCA have simply thrown together the usual Whitney single releases [some not even her most popular work or biggest hits] as a ‘tribute’ to her and her fans and tacked on a duet version of R. Kelly joint ‘I Look To You’ with the man himself along with ONE unreleased track ‘Never Give Up’ produced by Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox, possibly from her last album sessions.

Of course, there are probably hundreds of unreleased tracks/remixes/demos RCA could have put on here including the 3 Darkchild/Makeba Riddick/Adonis Shropshire joints recorded during her 2002 ‘Just Whitney…’ sessions or the original title track of her final album ‘Undefeated’ [Candice Nelson/Jim Beanz/Timbaland] but this would not have ensured maximum sales potential, placing a decent musical tribute to Whitney a firm second for this collection.

Regardless, hopefully we will get this long-awaited creative musical tribute at some point in the future when RCA runs out of steam on their tenth or eleventh Whitney GH in a few decades. I would say RIP but Whitney is probably turning in her grave at the announcement of this tacky excuse for a tribute.

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