. @MariahCarey & R. Kelly record guaranteed classic in Chicago, finally make up for cancelled ‘Angel’s Advocate’ duet


While in Chicago today for the latest auditions of her new spot on American Idol the immensely exciting & long-awaited happened: Mariah finally recorded an R. Kelly track/duet! Thank god for R. Kelly’s A&R/management these days as they’re uniting him with all the divas he should have been writing for in the 90s. His always obvious writing/production skills have been wasted all these years on small acts & big ones just here & there so its great to finally see him hooked up with Whitney and Mariah as well as the new breed of powerhouses like Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks.

Despite being synonymously & massively successful in both R&B and pop throughout the 90s, the first track Mariah and R. Kelly ever did together was nearly 20 years after both their careers took off, for Mariah’s criminally cancelled remix album for 2009 underrated classic ‘Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel’. R. Kelly was set to appear on the duet version of the intro track called ‘Betcha Gon’ Know [I Checked]’ for which he wrote additional verses & whose demo leaked a couple of years later on the internet. Other guest appearances were set to include Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, T-Pain, Swizz Beatz, Ludacris, Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, Akon, KCi & JoJo, Gucci Mane & even Westlife for the UK version, as well as unreleased material recorded for the original album including ‘Skydiving’ [Timbaland] ‘Imperfect’ [Tricky Stewart] and ‘100%’ [JD & Bryan-Michael Cox/Cristyle] However it was cancelled due to poor sales performance of the original album.

Here’s hoping Mariah recorded an entire R. Kelly demo/reference as she has been doing with most songs in the past few years despite her proven incredible writing/arrangement talents, I still ain’t mad!


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