. @Pink records first decent/MOBO-influenced track since debut album thanks to John Hill & @fakeEmile Haynie


After her stale, most recent single release ‘Blow Me [One Last Kiss]’ [a total rehash of her past 5 singles with slightly more electro thanks to the usually great Greg Kurstin] even the most ardent fans of P!nk at her creative best would be forgiven for giving up on the girl. However, saviour comes in the form of the empowering grunge rock/hip hop influenced ‘Are We All We Are?’ the opener for new album ‘The Truth About Love’ thanks to the flawless production skills of Emile Haynie [producer of Lana Del Rey’s entire epic debut album as well as several rap classics] and John Hill [Rihanna/Christina Aguilera’s best electro/dub shit] and NOT the usual lazy vocal from P!nk herself that we’ve been hearing since she ditched R&B after her debut album. After teasing us for years with only tiny bits of the MOBO influence seen on her fantastic debut & this album calling out a search for ‘an urban song with a contemporary beat’ it seems we’ve finally got it, hallelujah!

Also check out the fantastic duet with Nate Ruess on ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ produced by the ever talented & versatile Jeff Bhasker, its basically just another great live-sounding Fun. leftover. [see: Ke$ha’s great new single ‘Die Young’] Don’t bother checking out the tempting album collabos with the usually fantastic Max Martin/Shellback on ‘Slut Like You’ and underground rap producer DJ Khalil and Jeff Bhasker on ‘Here Comes The Weekend’ as you WILL be disappointed. Instead of the hard electro-synth-pop and grimy organic rap beats the pairs of producers are known for respectively, the tracks are both simply the same sacharin, cheesy rock-pop P!nk has been pumping out for her past infinity singles… what a waste of creative & talented minds meeting!

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