The 1 Sentence Review: @DawnRichard – ‘A Tell Tale Heart’ – Our Dawn/Chartbreaker [07 02 11]



Dawn Richard makes her first official solo release after countless solo leaks & appearances in 2 Bad Boy-constructed groups with a series of brooding tracks which flirt heavily with neo-soul, rap & contemporary R&B, the writing & arrangements are consistently strong & the stuttering beats provide an excellent backdrop for Dawn’s silky, bittersweet vocals.

04 Hey [an upbeat, live influenced stomper with a marching piano line, cymbals & strings]
11 Runway [an aggressive ego-laced club banger with an equally hard stuttering dirty south beat]
13 Vibrate [a sultry midtempo recalling classic soul]
15 Bulletproof [Tiyon ‘TC’ Mack, Anonymous] [A marching rock-edged pain-tinged anthem]

Check out the original version of ‘I Know’ [Full Circle, Polow Da Don] which is much better than the version that appeared on Dirty Money’s ‘Last Train To Paris’. It’s a standout 90s R&B/Jodeci influenced track I didn’t include it because officially it’s a DM track but it’s amazing!

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