. @SolangeKnowles remains flawless, redefines neo-soul with new single ‘Losing You’ @DevHynes



Solange simultaneously dropped her more than long-awaited new video/single today on YouTube & iTunes respectively. The talented singer-songwriters keeps her trademark breathy vocals and background arrangements while stepping at least 70 years ahead with her musical background from the classic R&B & Motown-influenced soul of her previous album, replacing the upbeat, brass-filled beats for that smooth neo-soul sound she hinted at on tracks like Kelly Rowland’s ‘Simply Deep’ and her own tracks ‘Wanna Go Back’ and ‘Cosmic Journey’ from the criminally underrated ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’ album. Always one to keep things strictly original, the far more talented Knowles sister [*shade] also adds an addictive vocal sample along with some african/tribal influenced drum & percussion with help from underground trip hop producer Dev Haynes/Blood Orange [finally making a transition into the mainstream thanks to this Sky Ferreira’s fabulous new single ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’]

If this single release stepping into more & more experimental neo-soul is anything to go by, along with the hints from her previous & first albums then hopefully this time Solange is finally gonna deliver us the neo-soul classic on the tentatively titled ‘Sex, Drugs & Censorship’ that we’ve been waiting on from her!

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