New Release: @4everBrandy – ‘Two Eleven’ – Chameleon / @RCAmusic [12 10 12]


Its finally here! ‘Slower’ [Switch] and ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ [Danja] are basically just beautifully dark Timbaland productions so we didn’t even need him to work on this!

‘Paint This House’, ‘So Sick’, ‘Hardly Breathing’, ‘Wildest Dreams’, ‘Do You Know’ & ‘Music’, all hark back to that late 90s/early 00s old school R&B Brandy we’ve been craving since ‘Full Moon’!

‘What You Need [Favorite Position]’ & ‘So Sick’ are the kind of tracks I wanted for her Bangladesh shit, mellow R&B with hard hitting bass & drums. Although I’m glad the awful ‘Put It Down’ is doing well at R&B radio, this & ‘Let Me Go’ were the type of stuff I was dreading but at least we got 4/6 decent Garrett tracks on the LP!

‘Scared Of Beautiful’ sounds amazing by Brandy with her usual unmatched ad libs & background arrangements, so glad she recorded this over Rihanna & the re-production by Warryn Campbell is gorgeous, even better than the MIDI Mafia beat!

The rest of the album [that’s just ‘Without You’, ‘No Such Thing’ & two of the Bangladesh tracks] is pretty substandard R&B/pop [for her usual high quality material] but still very listenable & hopefully very commercial so we don’t have to wait so long til the next damn album!

Overall an epic return for Brandy and she gave us exactly what we wanted with the beats & arrangements! For more information on credits, unreleased tracks & info hit the FORUM post:

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