New Release: @SkyFerreira – ‘Ghost [EP]’ – Capitol [16 10 12]

  • 20121023-125443.jpg

    Sky once again blows any contemporaries out of the game with just a 5 track EP. Contemporaries as eclectic as this however will be hard to find, with 3/4 genres spanning the small collection.

    ‘Sad Dream’ [Blake Mills] & ‘Ghost’ [Jon Brion] are tragic & lovelorn lyrically to drive home their soft guitar driven explicitly country sound. ‘Lost In My Bedroom’ [Ariel Rechstaid] finds her back to the hardcore electro pop sound by the second track, as always excelling with her warped vocals, lamenting lyrics & stuttering 80s electronica beats. ‘Red Lips’ is the only track she didn’t cowrite giving her full licence to channel Garbage’s Shirley Manson with her whispering, unaffected tone over a surprisingly un-electro Greg Kurstin beat of a pulsing Nirvana-esque drum line and heavy metal guitars. Last track ‘Everything Is Embarassing’ finds her exploring her electro sound even further, utilising Blood Orange’s out there 80s hip hop inspired beat with a beautifully lyrically upsetting, vocally layered chorus courtesy of Sky & Ariel Rechstaid.

    Overall, as with her last EP ‘As If!’ not one track is of low quality & this makes listeners anticipate even more a full album from Sky as the two 5 track EPs played together make a pretty flawless album, just bring it on already Ms Ferreira!

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