• Credits: @JordinSparks • ‘Right Here, Right Now’ • @Epic_Records • ☆☆☆☆/☆ •


Favourites: Right Here Right Now, Silhouette, Left..Right?, 1000, It Ain’t You, Double Tap

Work from Home (feat. B.o.B) | Jordin Sparks, James Fauntleroy | Key Wane, Salaam Remi
1000 (feat. J-Doe) | J-Doe, Alja Jackson | Dem Jointz
Right Here Right Now | James Fauntleroy | Dem Jointz
Double Tap (feat. 2 Chainz) | Victoria Monet McCants, Tommy Parker Lumpkins | Jonas Jeberg
Boyz in the Hood | Jordin Sparks, Marlin “Hookman” Bonds, William Calvin Wesson | Jonas Jeberg
Silhouette | Nikki Flores | DEEKAY
They Don’t Give | Jordin Sparks, Babyface | Salaam Remi
Left….Right? | Jordin Sparks, Meleni Smith | Crada
Casual Love (feat. Shaggy) | Shaggy, Reina Gonzalez, Kaciny Emile | D’Mile
Unhappy (feat. Elijah Blake) | Elijah Blake [Sean Foreman] | B. Slade
Tell Him I Love Him | Dewain Whitmore, Steven Russell | The Underdogs
11:11 | Jordin Sparks, Elijah Blake [Sean Foreman] | Salaam Remi
100 Years | Jordin Sparks, | Key Wane, Salaam Remi
It Ain’t You | Jordin Sparks, Ty Dolla Sign, Mikely Adams | DJ Mustard | Salaam Remi

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